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    June 8th, 2019 Animal Health Clinic for Dogs and Cats

    08:00 -16:00
    Lehi Fire Station No. 292
    3230 North Stapley Drive, Mesa, AZ, United States

    In partnership with
    Purrfurred Pets Veterinary Clinic

    Spay/Neuter Available by Appointment
    Leave detailed message at (602) 730-2092

    Vaccines & Microchips 2pm-4pm provided by Fix.Adopt.Save
    No appointment necessary if your pets ONLY need vaccines or a microchip.

    Flea & tick treatment, nail trims, pet food & supply 8am-4pm.

    Please read the PDF flyer for full details.


According to study by the ASPCA Professional published in PLOS ONE 2014, 70% of the animal population needs to be sterilized at all times to actually be able to see a decrease in population. This means you can alter 15-20% of animals every 6 months if no new animals enter your population. But in reality, nearly all populations of dogs and cats have a few new animals that come in. Native American communities, in particular, have a higher amount of animal dumped or abandoned due to the rural demographics.